Design Features

It’s time to design on your terms

Figma is the only platform that brings together powerful design features you already love and a more efficient workflow to boot.

Design for the web made easy

Figma was built for the future of web. That’s why you’ll see features you won’t find elsewhere.

  • A modern pen tool: Draw in any direction with Vector Networks. No more merging or needing to connect to the path's original point.

  • Instant arc designs: Design clocks, watch screens, or pie charts easily with the Arc tool.

  • Be expressive with OpenType: Tap into advanced font features to fully express your brand.

Design responsively with Auto Layout

Spend more time iterating and less time moving things around.

  • Less manual resizing: Buttons can resize with their text and lists can rearrange themselves when items are moved around.

  • Stretch to fill: Auto Layout components can now stretch left and right (or top and bottom) for easier responsive design.

  • Design speaks development: Auto Layout’s padding, direction, and spacing settings translate directly into code, simplifying developer handoffs.

Automate and augment your work with Plugins

Remove repetitive tasks, bring in data, and power custom workflows.

I want my team to spend time thinking about high level UX problems, rather than mindlessly repeating busy work. Figma helps them do that.

Ellen Beldner, Head of Product Design at StitchFix

Be efficiently consistent and consistently efficient

With your design system in the cloud, all the goodies in your libraries are always one click away.

  • Flexible Styles: Create consistent Styles—color, text, grid, or effect. Apply them to any text or object across all your projects.

  • Design systematically: Speed up design with components. Edit and override on the fly.

  • Accessible libraries: A quick search surfaces the assets you seek. Simply drag and drop them into your file.

Turn developer handoff into a handshake

Bring developers into your process early and often. Let them get the specs and assets they need.

  • Unlimited viewers: Invite as many teammates as you want to view and comment (psst, it’s free).

  • Inspect design files: Any viewer can grab snippets of generated code for CSS, iOS, and Android.

  • Easy export: Export the exact assets you need in the formats you need them in.

Built with all the benefits of any good cloud software

Access files anywhere with Internet access

Goodbye PDFs and outdated exports; share files with a live link

Never have to save files again with auto-save

Worry-free editing and collaboration with version history

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